The Grass is Greenest Where You Water It - Go Set Your Intentions

The grass is greenest where you water it. What to make a change in your life, make it happen. Find healthy recipes, clean eating advice and more at

The grass is greenest where you water it.  Sounds like fluffy bullshit, doesn't it? But it holds a lot of truth. If you take a small section of your lawn and water just that one area every day for the summer, it will be obvious where you watered and where you did not water. It shows just where you chose to apply your focus and attention at.

Apply that thought to other areas of your life. Let's take your work or your profession. You always hear, "find a career you love so that it doesn't feel like work." Is your work something you are passionate about? I have a confession to make—I have very little passion for my career. But I am good at what I do, it pays the bills, and I enjoy enough aspects of my work to continue with it. And that's okay because I choose to be passionate about many other areas of my life. I know a white collar professional woman who, during a yoga retreat, decided to quit her job and open a small retail store. It failed miserably, strained her marriage, and her home was foreclosed on. She has since re-entered her prior profession and has been very successful and happy at it.

The grass is rarely greener on the other side, but it is greener where you water it. You are the one holding the hose. Water your lawn. Don't expect someone else to water it for you. It's all you. You have the power to make the adjustments in your life that you crave. Want to be happier at work? Then go to work, give it your all, be grateful you have a job, and choose to be happy at work. Are you having a hard time feeling love and attraction for your spouse or partner? Sit down and have a conversation with them about it, try to touch them more often, go to couples therapy, and make a choice to show and tell them you love them every day. What to be healthier and lose weight? Find an activity that moves your body which you enjoy, choose to eat primarily whole, unprocessed foods, drink more water, and you will automatically be healthier and lose weight.

The grass is greenest where you water it. What to make a change in your life, make it happen. Find healthy recipes, clean eating advice and more at

I have a dear friend who has always lovingly picked on me a little for being a health food nut and I lovingly picked on him for hiding bags of potato chips in his garage so is wife didn't know he was eating them. He has struggled with his weight for a number of years and finally received a wake-up call from his doctor in mid-2016 that if he didn't change his lifestyle, he probably wouldn't be around for that much longer. His triglycerides were over 500! The doctor recommended cutting out processed sugar and bad carbs, minimizing his dairy and alcohol intake, and eating more vegetables. And so, with the help of his wife who has been trying for years to get him to eat healthier, he put himself on what he calls the "Alex diet". He went back for blood work a month ago and his doctor was thrilled with my friend's progress. He had lost 10 lbs and his triglycerides were down to 180. The fact is, my friend finally decided to water this section of his lawn, and it turned greener because of it.

Around this time last year, I wrote a blog on the difference between making resolutions and setting intentions. You can find that blog here. An intention is "an aim or a plan". If you remember, I set 4 intentions in that blog; to develop a home yoga and meditation practice, to run more ultras, to eat cleaner and less processed food, and to be more courageous. Other than the first intention, I held true to the others. Why didn't I manage to develop a home yoga and meditation practice as I intended? I didn't make it enough of a priority.

So what are my intentions this year?

  1. Be the kind of woman that inspires me.
  2. Complete a 50 mile run.
  3. Declutter and minimize.
  4. Improve my health.
  5. Be more compassionate.

You are technically the same person at 11:59 pm on December 31st as you are at 12:01 am on January 1st. However, it is the beginning of one more calendar year—4 seasons, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days. The start of a new year should be a time of reflection and intention setting. When you go to the grocery store and don't make a list beforehand of your necessities, you will inevitably forget something important. Sit down, think about what you want to aim to do this year, write these intentions down, and look at your list throughout the year.

If you are new to my blog and need some help watering your lawn, look at some of my older blogs on sugar dexoting and limiting your processed sugar, clean eating, losing weight, drinking more water, being more compassionate, developing a mediation practice, and training for a 5k race. All of my recipes are vegan and gluten-free, and many of the 2016 recipes were processed sugar-free, including my most re-pined recipe on raw carrot cake bites. Take some time and check them out. If you like what you see, sign up to receive an email notification each time a new blog is released and receive my free download, 5 Ways to a Healthy and Compassionate Lifestyle. 

Now go set your intentions.