Vegan Gluten-Free Resources

Gluten-Free/Vegan Products

Cup 4 Cup

Gluten-free flour blends that you can use in place of traditional flour. Takes the guesswork out of it! Not all of their products are vegan as well, but their Wholesome Blend is!

Pamela's Products

All their products are gluten-free, but most are not vegan. However, many of their flour mixes are and remain a favorite of mine for baking.

Liz Lovely Cookies

The absolute, hands down, best packaged gluten-free and vegan cookie you will ever eat...and everyone needs a cookie every once in a while. They have always been vegan, but recently converted their kitchen to completely gluten-free. Feel free to thank me now for telling you about these beauties.

Vega Protein Powder

My go-to protein powder for shakes. Created by Ironman triathlete and ultramarathon runner Brendon Brazier, you know you are getting the best plant based protein power on the market. It is easy to find (on their website, Whole Foods, Amazon) and you don't have to join some multi-level marketing group to make a great meal replacement or recovery shake.

Food For Life

While this company has many vegan and/or gluten-free products to choose from, two of my favorite cover both departments. My latest love is their new Sprouted For Life gluten-free line (expensive but worth it). The other is their gluten-free multi-seed english muffins. A little side trick is to toast these english muffins twice to get them nice a crunchy.


Business Services

Design Intervention, LLC

Graphic Design for conscious businesses focused on a Vegan Lifestyle, Animal Rights and the Environment.


Food Blogs

Oh She Glows

What favorite food blog list is complete without Angela Liddon on it. Her cookbook is one of my favorites. Although her recipes are all vegan, some are not gluten-free.

The Intolerant Gourmet

Adorable Pippa Kendrick's website is a must for anyone needing allergy-friendly recipes and tips.

Gluten-Free Goddess

I first discovered Karina Allrich's website a number of years ago and it was life changing! She was the first blogger I found that was REALLY baking gluten free. And although most of her recipes are not vegan, her website has a recipe index section for vegan and vegetarian recipes.


Running Resources


When you run long distances, you need to bring your hydration and fuel with you. I have tried numerous hydration belts and race vests, but nothing stacks up to Salomon's hydration vests. Something about my hips makes it so waist belts don't stay put on me, so I turned to packs a few years back. This brand doesn't bounce on me and moves with my body beautifully.


Yoga Resources

Shiva Rea

The creator and cultivator of the style of yoga I practice; Prana Vinyasa (formally Prana Flow). Shiva has designed a style of yoga that is challenging, yet thoughtful in creating sequences that are easy on your anatomy (transitioning from Warrior I to Warrior II facing the same direction is a no-no and my hips thank her for just that one lesson). Shiva has many wonderful DVDs and she also has a number of free videos you can watch on Yoga Journal's website.

Coral Brown

I am truly blessed to live close enough to Coral to take her classes regularly. She provides Prana Vinyasa teacher training from her home state of Rhode Island to Fairbanks, Alaska to Monterey, California. She has a great Yoga Journal DVD out and a number of her classes can be found on YogaVibes. If you are lucky enough to find her teaching a workshop in your neighborhood, sign up right away because they fill up quickly!

Jade Yoga Mats

My favorite grippy yoga mat by far. They are made of natural rubber and are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They also plant a tree for each mat they sell. Very cool company.


Cruelty-Free Products

Peta's Cruelty-Free PDF

My go-to resource to find out if a product is cruelty free is Peta. This pdf link lists all the companies that don't test on animals:


By far the best hair care and skin products I have used. A little more expensive than what you would buy in the grocery store, but a little goes a long way and your hair and skin will look gorgeous. And their products aren't tested on animals. You can't go wrong.

Urban Decay

I love Urban Decay make up. Their Naked Eyeshadow Palette is delicious and combines all the eyeshadow you could want into one container.

Seventh Generation

For everything from cleaning products to laundry soap, Seventh Generation has it. Try finding another vegan dryer sheet on the market...yes, your teddy bear dryer sheet has bone marrow in it. Yuck!

Tom's of Maine

I have been using Tom's of Maine products for over 20 years. I love their toothpaste, deodorant and bar soap. Even though the company was bought by Colgate-Palmolive a few years ago, they remain cruelty-free.

Schmidt's Deodorant

A new product I have fallen in love with is Schmidt's deodorant. They recently came out with it in stick form, but I currently have the original jar version. Very easy to apply with your fingers and it has been the best natural deodorant I have tried yet!

Food Prep Products

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

In my opinion, a kitchen necessity. I have been waiting for years for my old one to die so I can justify buying a new Professional series one, but no luck. I just have your basic 4.5 quart white one and it works beautifully for everything I want to do. Buy one, you won't regret it.

Cuisinart Food Processor

Another kitchen necessity...I won't steer you wrong. I have the 7-cup Pro Classic and use it for everything from making hummus to pie crust to coleslaw.

Vitamix Blender

Besides my Nespresso machine, this is my most used small appliance I own. I tend to make a smoothie every day in it for breakfast or lunch and then use it again at dinner to make our salad dressing or soup and then later to make frozen banana ice cream. I have the 5200 series which came with a 64-ounce container and a shorter 32-ounce dry grains container for making your own flours. At first I didn't use the short dry container at all...but then I discovered making my own oat flour and grinding chia seeds. Love, love, love.